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The technology Vine has not only revolutionized social-media by changing the way people watch and film videos, it has also bred a new generation of creative artists. Take a look at the list below which features some of the most amazingly creative vines we’ve ever seen.

25. Pinot’s ‘The balloons from paper to digital’

Loving the transition from paper to this artist’s Android.

24. Khoa’s ‘The Paperman’s Escape’

This is just so clever! Love watching this piece of paper erupt into animation. Sheer quality.

23. Jethro Ames ‘How to Play With Your Food – Aquarium Edition’

With this we are left to wonder whether the food was bought specifically to showcase talent…

22. tzaddi’s ‘Plenty of Food’

We just love how that little truck mysteriously ends up dropping that food off for those animals… Vine, we think this is a stop-motion question for you…

21. Meagan Cignoli’s ‘Play Doh Balls’

20. Hunter Harrison’s ‘Better Things’

19. Ian Padgham’s ‘How I Make My Bed’

18. yelldesign’s ‘Real Fruit’

17. Chris Donlon’s ‘Poor Sisyphus’

16. General Electric’s ‘What Happens When You Combine Milk, Food Dye, and Washing-Up Liquid’

15. Unicef’s ‘We Just Hit 2 Million On Twitter’

14. Adam Goldberg’s ‘No.8 Junes Gloom’

13. Charlie Love’s ‘Commute’

12. Johnny McHone’s ‘Mini Me’

11. j-a-c-k-i-e’s ‘Monsters in My Blood’

10. Lawrence Becker’s ‘Battle of Hoth : Clifford Edition’

9. Cory Pang’s ‘Clayman’

8. Hampus Hagman’s ‘The Light Doesn’t Have to be at the End of the Tunnel’

7. alivine’s ‘light and dark’

6. Andrew Jive’s ‘Nissan Ideas in Motion’

5. Shelty Julia’s ‘Fireworks Orgami’

4. Appleby’s ‘Colours in Motion’

3. Meagan Cignoli’s ‘Robert DeNiro’

2. Laura Catalano’s ‘The Escape’

1. Stan’s ‘Stop Motion Tetris’

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