Thanks to the huge market for simple yet awesome games for Android devices, developers have been having a field day for the past few years trying to see who can come up with the next sensational new game. The original Temple Run was that game not too long ago, and still has retained its popularity. It does, however, have a sequel, Temple Run 2, that offers more characters and maps to try out. Along with a new game come new challenges, of course. Here are four of the best tips and cheats gathered from the Internet that will help you become an expert at escaping temples.

1. Get free coins before you even start playing

This sounds sort of ridiculous, but trust me, it works! All you have to do is, before starting a game, go into the in-game shop and click on “Get Free Stuff”. Then go to the Temple Run 2 official Facebook page and “like” it as well as following it on Twitter. By doing all this, you will have earned yourself a grand total of 250 coins and one gem without even taking a step!

2. Don’t automatically jump over red tiles

Red tiles are obstacles that are quite frequent in Temple Run 2. Most players will jump over them without even thinking that maybe there is another obstacle right after them that they will land on. The best thing to do in this situation is to go around them, almost as if you were leaning. That way, if there is some sort of horrible death trap on the other side of them, you won’t jump right into it.

3. Tilt your mine cart

One part of Temple Run 2 that is different from the original is the addition of mine carts. They are super tricky to maneuver and usually end up getting players killed. However, if you try to anticipate which way you should tilt the cart and keep it tilted that way, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. Tilting back and forth just to try and get all of the gems is not really the best method, and can be dangerous.

4. Don’t go after powerups in dangerous places

This is a rather obvious piece of advice, but it’s important nonetheless. If you see a powerup nestled in a lovely dangerous area, right next to a pit or some place like that, keep moving. Don’t stop to try and get it. It’s not worth it! There are tons of other powerups that you can snag that won’t cause you to fall to your death.

There you go! Four great tips and cheats for Temple Run 2. Is there anything I should have added to the list?


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