1. It turns your Android into an iPhone… Kinda!

This is by far one of the best things that Facebook could have done to improve Messenger. It’s not that we all want an iPhone, but we have to admit, there are a few features specific to iPhones we wish we had.

Facebook Messenger 4.0 now has one of these features for us Androidians. It’s the little floaty bubble that pops up on your homescreen with your friends face in it when they’ve sent you a message, and it even shows up over applications and games you’re currently using.

Facebook Messenger 4.0

The reason why so-called HoverChat is so cool is for the very reason why you have your phone in the first place; to talk. So when you’re playing a game and someone has started a conversation with you in the background but you can’t see it presently and therefore don’t respond, Messenger 4.0 will completely turn this on its head for the better. In the same way a call interrupts any other process, so too does Facebook Messenger 4.0, and it’s absolutely great.

Of course, you can turn this off, and leave it to the sounds to let you know you’ve received a new message, but this way is so much cooler.

2. What is that noise… Oh!

Another reason why you should download Facebook Messenger 4.0 is for the really cool sounds. Like any other instant-messengers, Messenger 4.0 has it’s own unique sound to alert you to new messages and the likes. The difference with it compared to others is that the sounds it makes signal lots of things!

For example, you’ll hear a ping noise when someone has messaged you and a pop noise when you send a message. You can even hear a little burst or droplet to signify when someone has seen your message.

With all of these noises happening, some may be inclined to think it could be rather annoying, but really it’s not. Surprisingly it actually makes it very interactive and increases your sense of communication with friends.

Like HoverChat, you can also turn the sounds off if you don’t want to hear them.

3. As the interface just got interesting..!

Above all other apps for free messaging, Messenger 4.0 looks the best if you ask me, and just when you thought you were sick of seeing all that blue from Facebook, this design jumps right up to get you!

Facebook Messenger 4.0 Interface

The interface is completely modern, and takes the scheme of things to a more royal effect, with a darker shade of blue. What’s more is that all of your conversation is propped up over all other apps nicely with a section at the top left open for new bubbles to float in to alert you of other friends’ messages. Another interesting thing to point out is that you can see who’s active and who is using Facebook Chat and Messenger. You can even hide your own activity with a simple on/off slider button which is ideal.

4. Because emojis all day long..!

Facebook Messenger 4.0 has gotten a lot more colorful! The text-messaging service not only lets you send links, photos, videos, and files with it, but you can now add a little color to everything you say with so-called emojis!

Emoji‘s are like emoticon‘s but are more illustrative to include all kinds of smiley faces, animals, and things to tell others what you’re doing currently! The term literally means picture + character in Japanese. Japan is where the craze began.

Another thing to note is that if you send a friend a couple of photos at once, they will pop up almost like a window, where you can see several at a time, and if you click into it you can see each closer by scrolling.

5. And what about the extras!

Here is probably the best part of all. As well as being able to do pretty much everything all other messengers can like record voice messages, or add people to group chats, Facebook Messenger 4.0 lets you call your friends for free! If that won’t make you need to download it, I don’t know what will!

Facebook Messenger 4.0 calls

Get the app here!


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