Fans of The Sims should be excited, very excited.  The Sims 4 is arriving next year and if the official trailers are anything to go by it is going to be pretty amazing! Curious? Take a look at what The Sims 4 looks set to offer…

The new Create A Sim


The Sims 3 revolutionised the way we created Sims, but The Sims 4 goes a whole lot further! EA Games have introduced a whole new way of altering your Sims’ appearance. Now you can click on any body part and by clicking and dragging them you can change them anyway you like! By no longer relying on predetermined body part templates you can pull and drag as much or as little as you like, this new Create A Sim means that your Sims will be truly unique!



New Building Mode


If the gameplay trailer is anything to go by then there are a whole lot of new building options available for you to try out! One feature that I am looking forward to is the new room moving option. This allows you to move an entire room, furniture and objects included, anywhere you like! For anyone that has built a house and built an expansion that they are unhappy will be extremely happy with this development!



New changes to Gameplay


The Sims introduced us to Sims that were governed by their needs, The Sims 2 saw our beloved Sims develop goals, The Sims 3 presented more individual Sims with specific interests and personality traits, now in The Sims 4 your Sims have emotions!

The Sims 4 have created Sims that have feelings based on their emotions and not just their needs.  This gives more depth to your stories, all those reactions that you used to imagine your Sim having anyway are now real!

Check out the latest gameplay to see exactly how this emotions element will dictate your Sims’ life…


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