Are you an Instagram addict or a Snapchat fiend? Well if so we may just have app for you, say hello to Pikura, it contains all the fun and creative elements of your typical photography apps but with added bite…

Design wise Pikura is clearly inspired by Instagram, it employs a similarly clean and simple interface with a fluid and easy-to-navigate photo feed. So why, you may be asking, would you bother your head downloading another app that allows you to take, edit and share pictures with your nearest and dearest? Pikura is not a straight forward photo taking app, it contains a competitive game element that makes it intriguing and just a little bit brilliant.

Pikura allows you users to create and participate in photo challenges. The app presents you with a vibrant, fun and creative community, here you can explore different photo challenges that are on-going and enter the competition if you believe that you have a suitable picture. Challenges in Pikura range from very simple to more complex and daring, there is something for all levels of photographers! The winner is chosen democratically, users vote for the photo that the think is the best in each challenge. The picture that receives the most votes wins.


This app was created by two young developers, Joe Fernandez Gorrono and Pablo Moncunill Osona,  that met each other in university in Spain. Not suprisingly the popularity of the app really took off in their native land, so  much so that Microsoft named Pikura Spain’s Best Windows Phone App in 2013. Although Pikura’s popularity is rising in English and other languages the Spanish online community remains the most interactive and lively by far. So if you have a little bit of Spanish Pikura could provide you with a fun way to improve your language skills.

Enthusiasm and a slight hint of naughtiness combine together to make Pikura an unique and lovable app. Adding an element of competitiveness to the world of mobile picture taking helps ensure that things don’t get boring.

If there just doesn’t seem to be a challenge on Pikura that truly emphasises your photo-taking ability then you can always create your own task. As you win challenges you gain Shutter Points, the idea behind the app is collect as many as these as possible.

Pikura is highly addictive and if you are already the snap happy sort it provides a brilliant place to channel your creative energy! Warning you may find yourself constantly examining the aesthetics of food from various angles instead of considering how it tastes!

Download this fun, challenging and creative photo app here.


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