Introducing Jelly, the app that relies on the kindness of both friends and strangers! Jelly is a new and really quite delightful new social search engine. It relies on using your social networking friends, and friends of friends to provide answers to any queries that you have. Of course this isn’t anything like traditional your search engines, Jelly provides a charming, fun and social way to answer whatever questions you have, no matter how practical, profound or completely daft they may seem!

The CEO of Jelly Biz Stone, he is also one the co-founders of Twitter, is a person with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the creation of social apps.  Stone and his fellow Jelly founder Kevin Thau have created an app that seems to be causing quite the wobble on the web, Zuckerberg even turned to Jelly to find out what the eight legged creature in his bathroom was and whether he should be afraid…


So how does Jelly work? Well it’s pretty simple, once you’ve connected up with you Twitter and Facebook accounts you are ready to begin your Jelly adventure! The app will present you with questions from your friends or friends-of-friends. If you don’t have an answer to a question simply swipe the question downwards and it disappears forever. If you choose to answer a question, click answer and enter your words of wisdom. If the questioner likes your response they can send you a sweet thank you for your troubles! Others that read your answer can choose to like what you have written if they feel it deserves it!

When you are ready to start asking some of your own your questions you begin by clicking the camera and taking a picture of whatever you want to ask about, or whatever illustrates your questions best! You can then write your question, in 240 characters or less, and even draw on your photo with a simple drawing tool if you wish. When you are happy just press send and wait for answers from the Jelly universe!


One thing notably missing from Jelly is categorization feature. I’d imagine that if the app takes off and more and people begin using it, a categorization or tags section will be introduced. This could help people get better answers faster. For example, imagine you had a question about technology, what if Jelly users who have an interest in this topic could just click the tech tag and be presented with a list of tech questions for them to answer. This would surely result in a more efficient service and a more attractive one for users. Getting inundated with questions that you don’t know the answers too can get tiresome after a while!

Do you think you’re ready for this Jelly? If you are download it here!



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