Ares won’t connect

Lately, one of the most widespread problems in this program has to do with it not connecting to the Internet. There are various causes, and so there are various solutions. Among them, there is a possibility that your PC’s firewall (your personal one or the one Windows provides) is blocking connections coming from and going towards the application. The only thing you have to do is add an exception for Ares.

If that isn’t the problem, then it could be that there is a port problem. To fix this, go to the Ares Control Panel and to the Transfer tab, where you must delete the number that is there and restart the program. Upon opening again, Ares should fill in this field automatically with the number of an open port. If not, you can try with the port number 6298.

Finally, the latest versions of the program have had some issues identifying new pairs. It’s as if the people who recently installed the software didn’t exist and the list of existing users couldn’t be generated, which implies that there is no one to connect to to download content. The solution: search for the denominated node files on the Internet, which are nothing more than user maps that will indicate which program to connect to.

There is nothing listed in the search results

If you are trying to search for something but no results are shown, then it is time to check certain things. The first is to verify that the search term was entered in correctly as well as if the correct type of file was selected. Next, you should verify that the part of the Control Panel says “Connected” or “Online” and not “Connecting”. If it does say “Connecting”, it is a connection problem that may be due to an issue from the previous section.

The download is very slow/pauses unexpectedly

First of all, you must remember that all Ares transfers happen in pairs. This means that it depends on the connection speed of the pairs with the content you want to download just as much as your own bandwidth. . So, if the download is very slow it could be due to the pair connection, its settings or the computer’s connection is limited in some way. In this case, the only thing that can be done is to verify (in the Download tab of the Control Panel) that the bandwidth for Ares does not have any limits.

If, on the other hand, the transfer stops unexpectedly, this could be due to the pairs disconnecting, your connection failing or simply that you have been moved to a waiting list for pairs that will transfer the wanted content. In this last case, patience is the only solution.

General Recommendations for Ares

• Always look for content with the most number of users to ensure a fast download speed.
• Use the advanced search tool to your advantage. The results will be closer to what you are looking for.
• Create one single folder for sharing and save all content you want to share in it. This way, you will avoid security issues.
• Of course, make sure to scan everything you download through Ares with an antivirus. You never know what is being distributed in those networks.
Keep sharing what you have downloaded, even when the download is complete. This helps the rest of the community.
• Be careful with files protected by author’s rights. These types of programs are very popular due to the great amount of pirated content that is circulated, so check out carefully what you are going to download and only download it if you are sure it is free.

Beyond the legal implications that surround P2P programs like Ares, no one can deny the fact that they are truly useful tools when sharing resources. The problem does not stem from these services but from user misuse, which means there is no need to worry about using this type of program as long as you use it well. That way, we can all enjoy the best that the Internet has to offer us: the exchange of facts and information.


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