A new week comes to a close and June is leaving with it. This has been a great month with news of all kinds and big announcements both in the gaming world (with obvious highlight that was the E3) and in the software field (with the recent Windows 8.1 launch as the peak of it all). But apart from the fact that there were many news to cover and discuss the past 7 days, we here at the blog have published several useful articles that any person mildly interested in technology should check out. So, if you are tying to catch up with the most recent information, then this article is for you.

The keys to understand FIFA 14

The annualized battle for the best football simulator has already started and none of its contestants wants to be left behind. That’s why both EA and Konami are rushing to show players why their games are better that the competition’s. On one hand, FIFA 14 has proven to be an intelligent evolution of what the franchise has been building throughout the years. The feeling of realism and huge amount of parameters that the newest FIFA will include surely seem like the result of many years of effort and perfection. There’s a lot to be found on the new EA game, but there are 5 key features that will surely help you understand why FIFA 14 is a firm candidate to retain its throne.

PES 2014 wants to fight back

Konami has spoken of a “new beginning” for the series starting from PES 2014. And though it certainly can understood as a marketing strategy, this time around the Japanese company might be telling us the truth. Long gone are the years in which PES dominated the scene but its developers have worked tirelessly ever since to take back the top spot. They didn’t succeed so far but this might be the year for them, as PES 14 appears as the most solid title in the series for quite a long time. There are several reasons to think so, but here are the most relevant ones.

Adobe Creative Cloud is here

After many years of leading the field of multimedia creation tools, Adobe decided to take a new approach to how it distributes its applications. In what marks a historical and pivotal moment for the company (and the industry as a whole), the replacement of the classic Creative Suite with the Internet-based Creative Cloud is now a fact. This week we’ve seen how Adobe deployed its new tools that work together with remote servers to provide with new features and greater portability. This week, we took a look to Photoshop CC and what it has to offer, so be sure to check it out.

Vine without Vine (or Twitter!)

Everybody’s talking about Vine, everybody’s sending Vines and everybody seems like a Vine expert. There’s a lot of buzz out there surrounding Twitter’s amazing app to create 6-second micro videos, especially given the new communications opportunities it give us. It’s hard to believe that a little more than 6 months ago no one even thought about the possibility of a new service establishing itself so quickly and creating a market out of the blue skies. But, hey, here it is, so it’s time to enjoy it! Of course, you can do so through your own Vine app (or by clicking the links shared on Twitter). But in case you either don’t want or can’t use any of those channels, you should know that there are other ways in which you can enjoy your daily Vine dose.

Google Play Music All Access: do we need another streaming service?

Google made a lot of noise with the announcement of Music All Access, its new music streaming service that seeks to compete with Spotify, Pandora and the like. However, and though the company is trying to sell us its platform with the usual reasons (“it’s simple”, “It integrates with the rest of the Google ecosystem”), the service don’t innovate in the littlest bit. It’s hard to think a reason why we need another streaming service just like the ones we already use, but Google thinks we do. Check its features and decide for yourself.

That’s all for this week! See you next Monday!


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