The world of puzzle games is expanding faster than most of us can download each new game that is released. Whether you play them to kill time or to boost your brain power, puzzle games are almost a necessity in this day and age. Almost everyone has some kind of puzzle game on their Android device. Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle game that starts off simple but gets increasingly difficult as you advance.

What is Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game where you must match three or more pieces of the same color in order to eliminate them from the game board. You may have heard of Bejeweled; Candy Crush Saga is the exact same concept, but the pieces are different candies rather than gems. The candy theme also extends far beyond just the game pieces.

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How do you play Candy Crush Saga?

If you know how to play some other match-three puzzle game, then you don’t really need me to explain to you how to play Candy Crush Saga. If you have never played such a game before, then allow me to illuminate you. You have five lives or chances to beat each level. You will be presented with a game board full of rows and rows of lovely sweets of several different colors and shapes. All you have to do is switch around some of the candies to create three candies in a row (or more) that are the same color to get rid of them.

Is that all there is to this game?

I know it may seem simple on the surface, but start playing Candy Crush Saga and you will see that it is its own little world. One thing you will quickly notice is that each level is different from the previous one. Yes, the gameplay remains the same, but the reason for matching the colored candies changes. One level might have the objective of freeing all of the candies stuck in jelly in a certain number of moves. The next level may ask you to only match certain candies as they will be used as ingredients to make something delicious.

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What about powerups, bombs, and other fun things like that?

As you match candies in Candy Crush Saga, you earn points that you can use to stock up on bombs. With each level, you have the possibility of earning 3 stars, which means that you beat the level in the best way possible. There are “charms” that can be bought through in-app purchasing that either freeze time for timed levels, let you paint stripes on some candies, or give you three extra lives. In-app purchasing can be disabled from the options menu.

The Bottom Line

Candy Crush Saga is a great alternative to those mainstream puzzle games like Bejeweled. It follows the same basic concept, but has a more interesting and enticing theme. There are bombs to be earned with the points you get from matching candies, and each level has its own goal. You can buy charms through in-app purchasing, or just continue on and hope to not lose all of your five lives. Candy Crush Saga is a complete puzzle experience that will hook you from the start. Check it out today!


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