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September 2012

Create an Instagram Account on your PC

Now you can easily register yourself to Instagram by following these steps. First of all, make sure to install the essential BlueStacks, an Android emulator that lets you run the application.

Now you can download BlueStacks for free from here .
You can also use Instagrille, an Instagram client for your PC, from here.

Before trying to register on Instagram, you must have downloaded and installed BlueStacks. Open the program and in the search bar type “Instagram“.

Please wait until the application is installed. Once done, you can access it.

Click “Sign Up” to begin the process. Fill out the form with your details. Then click “Sign up“. Now you should´ve completed the process.

Explore Instagram photos like you’re on your mobile phone. You can leave comments and share them on your networks.

Try out Instagram by using BlueStacks, and enjoy the best community of photographs worldwide!

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