Cube World is a sandbox RPG game created by Picroma and released in 2013. The game is played out in a 3D space of vibrancy and voxels and takes its leaf from the unstoppable Minecraft.

Cube World

The difference between the two games however is that Cube World is played in a mode less about constructing the world and more about the action and adventure. Though both games have what’s classified as elements that randomly generate and build up around a player as they explore the map, Cube World is about literally discovering what lies ahead in the game, through dungeons, castles, over grass, desert, ocean, and snow, avoiding stealthy monsters and strengthening their character’s abilities to utterly overthrow the game.

In its alpha stage of development by the von Funck duo, the game is still being explored and expanded on from behind the liquid-crystal of computer screens. However, the game is still as open and real as ever and it’s ready for you to try out right now.

Below is a list of cool things you can do to get you started in Cube World:


On arrival to this ghastly sphere of building blocks the first thing you’re going to have to do is choose a model to base your character.

You can pick from a select few of classes, all with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. To be exact, there are four different types: the Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Rogue. The Warrior is best in close-quarters combat, as compared to the Ranger, who as you can quickly guess is strongest from a distance using bow and arrow to take down opponents. The Mage on the other hand is a safe choice for beginners not only for the fact that this class is pretty much good at everything, but also because it’s the only one that can essentially heal itself when it’s wounded using magic. The Rogue is the best when it comes to stealth attack, and is outrageously fast and hard to catch.

As well as picking your class, you can also make your character an individual in their own right. For example you can change up their gender, their face, hair, and color.


When you’ve finally entered your new found Cube World, you should navigate to the Skills Menu by pressing X.

You can then see which special skills are enlisted for the particular character class you’ve chosen to play. In the beginning there are only two to choose from seeing as you’re only on level one. When you select either of them and click Learn you can see what your character can potentially do with each.

The boxes underneath Specializations are all of your skills combined. Initially you can’t master these. You must level up for these to come into play. They’re well worth the effort though, because once you become good at something, the possibilities are endless!


We say frenemies here not to say that these ones are supposed to behave like your friends, but more because these opponents look so darn friendly that you should watch out before you mistake them for your friends.

Cube World

Possibly the cutest and most deadly character of the lot is the Turtle. But do not say that you weren’t warned because this guy is lethal, and more than likely he’ll be the first enemy you’ll see so beware.

Other creatures are hilarious looking and have names that even more laughable (Onionling… what?!), but like the Turtle do not make this your excuse not to fight. When starting out and exploring the game to see what lurks, you should stay clear of anything that looks in anyway odd or suspicious to avoid death before it’s really due. Another thing to be aware of is that enemies will have a red name over their heads. Your friends will have green names. Stop and go people!

Further Exploration

Should you need to take a break from these brutal bad-guys for a bit, press M and you’ll fly to the map. From this point you can see your world, and different symbols which are indicators of where you can find things like weapons for example. It’s important to know where you are in relation to other things on the map, and how to get to different places for various reasons without getting stuck in a decrepit part of the land without anything but your super-scared face to protect you.

An important icon to be aware of is the house. This is the city of your world. One thing that will help you on your way is knowing that there’s plenty of stores, inns and workshops to stock up on things you’ll need to get through your days playing Cube World such as weapons, rest, and training to take on the wider world. In the city you can approach others at locations and press R to talk to see what’s going on at such point. This is good to know when it gets dark, because when you talk to an innkeeper, you can essentially avoid the darkness of the game and fast-forward to the morning every time you sense the evenings are coming to a close while you play. This saves you having to try and get around without a lamp in grim, weary blackness.

The Magic of Healing

Unfortunately if you’re not playing as the Mage, getting back to health after an attack is a problem because you can’t use a quick spell to do it. Instead a hint to better healing is to get lots of rest, and if you come across health potions pressing Q will let you drink them. Equally you can make food by pressing R after scavenging the fields for pumpkins or the wilds for ginseng. After selecting what you wish to make by the sword icon, you can navigate to your inventory by pressing I and take whatever it is you made from there.

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