There’s no doubt that Spotify is the king among music streaming services. Its immense popularity is based on a huge music catalog in a great quality which lets us listen to anything we want from anywhere we might be. However, many of us would like to have many of the albums we can find there in our computers. If you also want this, then read on.

If you are considering to download music from Spotify, then you must now that this is possible but you’ll need the proper tools to do so. What will you need? First of all, the Spotify client must be installed on your PC. Second, you’ll have to get Jdownloader, the famous download manager. Finally, you’ll need an active Internet connection, since you’ll be using an online platform called Groovylists to transfer the albums to your hard drive. Once you have everything, it’ll be time to put your hands to the task

The first thing you’ll have to do is find the tracks you want to download. Given that the online platform we’ll use to transfer the songs has some limitations, you’ll only be able to download a maximum of 200 at a time. Thus, you’ll have to create a list with the music you want to download from Spotify. After doing this, you’ll have to select them all, right-click on the selection and pick the Copy HTTP link option.

Next, you’ll have to go to Groovylists, the online platform I’ve mentioned above. There you’ll find several alternatives to transfer songs from other services. Of course, you’ll have to select the one that’s labeled Spotify.

After doing that, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll find a blank field labeled Spotify URLs. You’ll have to paste the track selection’s URL there (the on you’ve copied from Spotify’s client). The following step will be to click on the Groovify it! button, which will start the conversion process to take the songs you’ve picked earlier to Grooveshark. Why would it do that? Because you’ll end up downloading the songs from that service.

Once the conversion is done, you’ll see a window that will let you know that the process has been successful . After closing it, you’ll see the Grooveshark playlist link which you’ll have to press to access to your music on that site.

Finally, you’ll have to open JDownloader, copy the URL from the Grooveshark playlist and paste it into the download manager (there’s a chance this last step is done automatically, since the manager has its own clipboard monitor. If you have done this right, you’ll see the list of songs appear on the program’s window. Then, you’ll only have to press the Play button located in the top left. Once the transfer is over, you’ll find the songs in JDownloader’s default download folder.

It’s worth pointing out that you might run across some common problems while trying to do this process. The most common one is solved by updating JDownloader to its latest version. Additionally, you can try to copy Grooveshark’s playlist URL from a different place. Finally, any of the components can be giving you an unexpected issue, so be sure to try again a little later. Hope you find this useful!


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