The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a game that has become insanely popular in a relatively short period of time. Most who play it say it is a pretty awesome game, with its flaws of course, but a great game overall. You can play constantly, assigning tasks that take longer to the characters if you need to sleep or do something important. One thing that seems to be a general complaint among users is the fact that it is really hard to earn donuts without cheating or having to buy them with real money. Players also complained about how hard it is to earn XP and cash as well. Well, I came across some lovely tips and tricks that will help with that!

Tap on Homer

This first trick is rather simple. All you have to do is tap on Homer. Once his task list comes up, tap on Homer again, 10 times in a row. Do it quickly though! Once you do, you will notice that you have unlocked 10 donuts as well as a statue of Jebediah Springfield. This is definitely the easiest of these tricks.

Long and short tasks

This is a simple trick too, but does not immediately reward you with donuts like the first tip. It’s really more of a strategy than anything. What you do is pay attention to how long tasks take, and keep in mind that longer tasks earn you more donuts and cash. So, if you are about to sleep or do something else for a while, assign longer tasks to the characters. Then when you come back to the game, you will have a ton of donuts and cash waiting for you! If you will be playing the game actively for a while, assign short tasks but many of them in a row so that your character can interact more with others. These shorter tasks earn you less donuts, but if you do a lot of them you will earn many donuts or dollars overall.

Easily collect money and XP on the screen

As you play The Simpsons: Tapped Out, you will notice that there are generally stacks of money and XP floating around in different areas. You could tap on them all individually to collect them, but that would be rather tedious. Instead, you can tap on one single stack and let it expand. Then open or close your task book. Within ten seconds, all of the cash and XP on the screen will be yours!


Level up in less time

There are tons of things you can do to earn more XP, but many of them take a lot of time. Some less obvious ways to level up are out there. For instance, you can earn XP simply by planting trees, doing some landscaping, and adding other items. Try not to ignore that; sometimes the simplest things get you to the top faster.

Well there you are! Four excellent tips and tricks that should help you earn XP, cash, and donuts as you play The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Do you know of any other ingenious ways to get ahead in the game?


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