Now that the latest Microsoft operating system has been launched, Chrome fans are probably wondering if it´s possible to still use their favorite web browser with the new Metro interface. The answer is most definitely yes, and all of you can rest assure that the app has all the latest technology, but with its original functionality.

The only major visual changes are probably the new search bar and the grid interface, which greatly organizes your apps in tiles. With most browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, IE and Opera, you must search for images individually, whereas with Chrome, you can see your results in a full-screen grid and either select one of them or pass through them with ease.

On the other hand, if you´re tired of typing, you can make use of the brilliant voice search function by using your computer´s microphone. So, you can basically talk to Google and ask the questions rather than typing which consumes a lot of energy and time.

Every time, Google surprises us by making this application more powerful and faster. Not only can you get results instantly, but also preview the pages of the outcome, which are shown in a grid next to each other. These new features of the search engine results that you can quickly get the information you need in one page, without opening links in new tabs or windows.

Furthermore, you can pin Chrome as a Windows 8 app to the Startup Screen, and with the use of your mouse, you can drag the tile and place it where you want it to be. Keep in mind that in the latest OS, only your default browser is available for you to use. That means that if you choose to make Chrome your default browser, you´ll lose access to the Metro version of Internet Explorer and vice versa, even if these programs are installed. Thus, the other browsers will still be available in the desktop version.

Note that after you select Google Chrome to be your default browser, the icon will change to the special Metro version and IE will go back to the desktop icon. On the other hand, this application is integrated with the charms for sharing. To share links and items, just scroll your mouse over the top or bottom right corners of the screen and select the standard charm options.

The last characteristic we´ll talk about is probably Metro´s snap feature, which you can use alongside another Metro Application. For example, you can have your browser open and on the left column will appear your weather forecast or even your contacts etc.

In summary, this versatile tool will deliver all the users ‘needs and quickly gets the result you want. Go ahead and try out Google Chrome for Windows 8!


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