Ever come across an amazing image on the web that you really want to play around with for creative purposes, but to your dismay has an irritating stamp across it claiming the copyright? This my friends is called a watermark.

Though these little things do come in handy if you’re a professional photographer who needs to make a living from the photos they capture, they are for the rest of us a little annoying.

It is for this reason we are very happy to introduce you to a program known as Photo Stamp Remover.

The application can get rid of just about any watermark which ruins a photo. But not only this, the program is also good for removing things like timestamps which some cameras issue when you take a photo, as well as scratches, spots, people and objects within an image.

Working by refilling selected areas with the textures and colors of the pixels around each, the application performs an automagic process which passes off near-original images.

The application can be downloaded via this link and takes the long hours out of an otherwise difficult cloning task with other photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.

Watch the video below to see how you can remove complicated watermarking from an image – >


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