hogs-of-war-featWar games are notoriously gritty and challenging, they require wit, patience and tactical prowess, it is no easy task to lead an army. For those days when the tough realism of your average war game becomes a little too tough on the psyche why not replace your battle-scarred soldiers with a bunch of hilarious pigs and delve into the comical and explosive delight of Hogs of War!

Hogs of War is a war game like no other! You are in charge of an army of swine and assigned with recovering precious “swill” from a collection of islands in the Pigsific. You must fight, destroy and bomb the enemy hogs that are also after that beloved swill.rikmayall


All the voices in Hogs of War, including all the characters and the narrator were performed by the suitably bonkers English comedian Rik Mayall! This truly adds to the overall gaming experience of Hogs of War and it is difficult to control yourself from side splitting laughter at the geniusly accented hogs!

The single player mode requires you to complete 25 challenging missions and collect vital promotion points along the way. These points allow you to upgrade you army infantry and acquire much needed weapons. As this is Hogs of War the weapons are suitably explosive and over the top


In order to complete missions you will need to attack enemy camps, invade unbeknownst and perform all sort of fantastic war related tasks that only a hog of war could possibly complete.

Remember to remind and ensure your piggy comrades you need to hide your missions from those fighting for the otherside, after all, loose lips, sink ships!


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