Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world for a reason. It is fast, attractive, a pleasure to navigate as well as being highly configurable and secure, but one of the elements of Chrome that makes it a cut above the rest is the Chromium project.

The Chromium project was released in September 2008 when Google released a large portion of its source code so other developers could study and build upon the original code and invent, create and improve upon Google’s browser.

This has allowed for the creation of countless browsers that have specific functions i.e social browsers, gaming browsers, while retaining the structure of Google Chrome. We’ve taken a look at some of our favourite browsers that have used Chromium to build their own exciting browsers, and the best thing? They are all completely and utterly free. Check them out….


Coowon Browser


This is a browser for the web gamer. If you have spent hours harvesting crops, visiting neighbours and tending to livestock in Farmville, the Coowon Browser is the browser for you! It includes a whole plethora of add ons that make it attractive to the gamer including an in built game playback controller. This feature allows you to dictate the speed of games, so if you don’t want to wait all day until you can harvest the healthy yield of corn or wheat this is a God send!

Elsewhere the Coowon Browser contains a handy drag-to-go option that allows you to drag a link and create a new tab. For the multi-tasker the translucent windows and floating windows feature may well tickle your fancy.

Suitable for: Anyone who spends hours playing web games

Best feature: Control the playback speed of gameplay


Superbird Browser


Sometimes it’s the simple things that leave the most lasting impression, that is certainly true of the Superbird Browser. Where other browsers put and emphasis on style and aesthetic the Superbird Browser concentrates on getting one thing right, security. As Chrome users are aware of, all information that is searched and downloaded on the browser is sent back to Google. Superbird provides all the great features of Google Chrome but ensures that none of your browsing information is stored and reported back to Google

Suitable for: Those who value privacy when browsing.

Best feature: Never sends data about your activity back to Google




Speed and security are two of the most desirable elements of any good net browser, Polarity exceeds in both areas. Built upon Chromium while also incorporating the Trident Web rendering engine this browser is a force to be reckoned with. It includes elements that effectively eliminate nuisance pop up adverts and protects you from malware and malicious websites.

Polarity’s selling point however is its speed. The Chromium V8 engine provides it with its power that its developers have built upon to create a highly optimised browser that is one of the fastest available

Suitable for: Heavy internet users that spend a lot of time surfing the web

Best feature: Polarity is the Usain Bolt of open source browsers, speed is what it does best.



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