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Now is the time to openly admit that you have multiple games on your phone and that you’re proud to play them as well. For one, they’re incredibly amusing on that boring train-ride and two, most of them are just super fun! Yep, super and fun: SUPER-FUN!

What continues to baffle me is where successful game developers get their wacky concepts from and what makes these bizarre antics top the charts and bring their creators fame and fortune.

For one, as we’ve said before in a previous article about Angry Birds, hats off to Rovio. Flying far from the nest, their series will always be one of the greatest of all time. The funny thing is that somewhere, out there, a man or woman (claps for all those female techies) is laughing to themselves because their idea to send birds flying into objects actually sold.

It’s supposed that games in general have always been a bit on the unhinged side of things. But we are being honest when we say this is never a bad thing. If anything, we’re a little jealous of these creative geniuses who mix the right humour and craze to get the desired zany addiction.

Aside from Angry Birds, there are a couple of must haves for Android that quite tickle my fancy, and will surely brainwash you just as much (in a good way, no need to scare). Of course that list includes Candy Crush and Triple Town, but my favourite application in this enslaving ensemble has to be Dumb Ways to Die.

I can’t quite explain what makes this one so tantalizingly good, but it has me in hysterics when I play it. I just love how the little blue guy moves, I think it’s hilarious. A part from it being funny, it’s a really good game, and yet I can’t even explain why. Again, how did Metro Trains come up with it, and congratulations to them because this one will be big!

Watch this space for the download link, and in the meantime you can watch the video below for a preview. Trust me, it’s hilarious


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