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May 2013

How to get unlimited moves in Candy Crush Saga

If you like to play Facebook games, then you surely have tried your wit with Candy Crush Saga, one of the most recent phenomena in Zuckerberg’s network. The game (which closely resembles PopCap’s smash hit Bejeweled Blitz) has millions of people from around the world competing over which one gets the highest score or gets to the most advanced level. Of course, achieving either of them takes time and skills since many of the game’s levels are really difficult.

In fact, there are players that are losing their minds to win certain tricky levels and who are feeling highly frustrated over this. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. We here in the blog want to help you. That’s the reason why today we bring you an interesting cheat that will let you get unlimited moves in Candy Crush. Of course, cheating is a process that takes all of the fun out of any game, so we suggest you to use this procedure only when you’ve reached a very frustrating point that’s keep you from moving forward.

You’ll need two things to make this cheat work. First of all, you’ll have to download a tool called Cheat Engine. This is an advanced platform that will let you adjust certain parameters of the game which ultimately are the ones that make the cheat happen. On the other hand, you’ll have to use Internet Explorer to make this work. This is because Cheat Engine works best with Microsoft’s web browser. Do you have both things? Then get on with the cheat.

1 – Open Internet Explorer, access your Facebook account, enter Candy Crush and pick the level in which you want to activate the cheat.


2 – Open Cheat Engine, locate the Select a process to open button and click on it.

3 – A window will appear which will list the current active processes on your PC (AKA the applications you’re running). Since you’ll have to modify certain parameters of the game (and the game is running through IE), you’ll have to locate the process corresponding to the browser (iexplore.exe) and double click on it. There are two separate processes for IE, so pick the one you want.


4 – Next, you’ll have to copy the amount of available movements in the levels and insert it in the field labeled Value (located next to the Hex option, to the right of Cheat Engine’s interface). Once you’ve entered the number, just click on First scan and wait for the field labeled Found (to the left of the Value field)  to be filled with entries.


5 – Go back to the game and make a valid move (any move will do for now). This will obviously subtract a movement from the number of available moves. Take the new number and copy it in the Value field. Now, click on Next Scan. This should reduce the number of entries in the Found field. If you see that after you do this that field goes blank, then go back to step three and select the other IE process (which is the one that’s running the game). If, on the other hand, you see that the number of entries is reduced but not entirely gone, then keep going with that process.

6 – Repeat step 5 as many times as needed to reduce the number of entries in the Found field to two. Once you’ve found them, just double click on them to copy them to the blank field located in the bottom of Cheat Engine (where it says Active, Description, etc.).


 7 – Now, go to the bottom field in which you’ve copied the entries and click in the Active squares for both. If you do this right, then you have to see that both entries are marked with red x’s, which mean both will be active. And what does this do? It freezes the values and functions related to those entries. And which functions and values are those? The ones that count the remaining moves in the Candy Crush level. Then, you’ll just have to go back to the game and make all the moves you want, since the amount of available movements won’t be restricted anymore. Once you’ve accomplished your goal, just close the program and end the level normally.


 Well, you might have noticed that it takes several minor adjustments to get the cheat done but it’s not as hard as it might seem. Besides, I suppose you won’t be using it that much (remember, cheats suck all the fun out of games!). Hope it comes in handy!

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