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December 2012

How to upload photos to Instagram from PC with BlueStacks and Pixlr

Finally, with this small and simple tutorial you can upload photos or any image to Instagram.

You just need to install BlueStacks, a practical program that lets you use all kinds of Android applications on your PC.

Apart from this, you should download “Instagram“, “Explorer” and “Pixlr” to complete the process.

Share and upload photos from your computer to Instagram.

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With this handy tutorial you´ll learn how to upload photos from your computer to the popular social network, Instagram.

For this process you´ll need 3 applications, as well as having installed BlueStacks.

Enter the last mentioned to begin the process.

Once inside BlueStacks, go to “App search“.

First of all, search “Instagram“.

Select it to download.

Following this, search for “Pixlr” and install it in the same way.

Finally, you need an application to be responsible to explore your hard drive.

In this case download “ES File Explorer“.

To complete the process, please register to Instagram.

Enter your email and password when performing this process.

Get the location of the image you want to upload to Instagram.

To upload a photo, open “Pixlr“.

Then, click “Choose Photo” and use recently downloaded in Explorer.

Go to the address where the image is kept.

Click on “Save” and then “Share“.

Select the social network where you want to post a picture (in this case instagram).

Once inside the application, you can apply the filters you want.

Finally, after these applications, press “Load” to complete the process.

The photo appears on Instagram automatically!

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