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January 2013

Install and Play Pou on your PC

Despite its limited plot and graphics, Pou is on the the most popular games of the moment.

This limitation has that appeal that draws men and children to experiment this Tamagotchi of the “Social Era“.

Play Pou on your PC with BlueStacks.

Video Transcription

To Play Pou with your PC, open BlueStacks first.

To install it, go to “App Stores“.

Once inside, Click on any of the alternatives.

Inside the Store, on the search bar, write the name of the app you want to download: In this case, Pou.

Then click on “Download” and choose any of the next Markets.

Press “Install

After that you will have finished the installation process.

On Pou´s main screen, you will first this funny creature.

Pou is a very simple game.

you will find the little pet waiting for you from the begining

Give him his first meal.

With this you will earn 50 coins (needed later to obtain certain perks)

Pou will be dirty, so you have to take him to the “Lab” and clean it.

Take the soap on the bottom left. You will earn more coins with these action.

You can also play with him to earn more credit.

On this case you will have to eat everything you can, watching out for the objects that are not food.

Your Pet also have to sleep to gain energy

You will have to go to “Bedroom” and turn the lights off

On top of the screen you will see the level of satisfaction of Pou´s needs

None of them should be very low, in order to Pou to grow happy and healthy

The “Energy Level” will raise when Pou sleeps.

In “Closet” you will access numerous options that will let you change Pou´s appearence

Change his colour with only 199 coins.

You Will find more options, but some of them will not be available on this first moments.

¡Take care of your new Virtual Pet with BlueStacks!

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