One of the most obnoxious things about having an Apple device (be it an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod) is depending exclusively in iTunes for managing the contents within it. This is obviously a little part in the company’s overall strategy of controlling everything that happens within its products environment, the player being a control agent of sorts. iTunes might be a good solution for transferring files and backing up data but some of its limitations sometimes make us feel like the device we own is not entirely ours.

That’s why many of us are always seeking for an alternative, a different platform that relieves us from iTunes restrictions and provides us with the features we want as the devices proprietaries. And you know what? There’s still hope for all, thanks to iTools 2012, a tool for managing Apple devices the way it should be done.

Don’t let the outdated name throw you off, this isn’t an obsolete application that haven’t been reworked in a long time. This is, in fact, a tool that’s constantly being developed and enhanced for providing a comfortable and easy-to-use bridge for narrowing the gap between our OS and iOS. Let’s take a look at what iTools has to offer and why it should be considered as the best iTunes alternative out there.

Seamless sync for quick transfers

One of the first things you’ll notice when working with iTools is how broad its reach really is. While iTunes only let users access multimedia contents and doesn’t allow manual adjustments on the synchronization, iTools gives you enough power not to worry about such boundaries. In this way, the application is capable of accessing anything and everything your device’s memory is storing, from apps and multimedia files to notes and SMS.

Besides, the tool also has an option for you to back any of your important data up in your desktop system. Just a few clicks and all your apps, contact information, texts, history, etc. will be transferred to your PC and stored in the safest place you can think of.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, iTools 2012 serves as a workaround for any of you out there that have jailbroken their Apple devices. This is more common that you might think, since many people hate to be restricted within Apple whims. That’s why, and in spite of what the company might think about it, there’s plenty of people doing it and now they have this application for managing the contents they store in their devices.

Advanced tools for the curious spirit

There’s more than just copying and transferring in iTools, a pack of features that are mostly directed to advanced users and that might be the reason why the application was developed in the first place. In this way, it’s possible to find an automatic converter, a very handy module that will take your MP3 to M4R, your PLX to IPA and your videos to MP4. Fortunately, you don’t have to adjust anything, since this tool is programmed to do so by default.

There’s also the possibility to take screenshots and record everything that happens onscreen with the Desktop/Live Desktop. This, of course, is a feature that will only prove useful for someone with a powerful reason to take screenshots (say, a tech blogger like myself) but it’s nice to see it included nonetheless.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the curious among you will surely feel at home when testing iTools 2012. That’s because this program is capable of dig out hundreds and hundreds of folders that are hidden in iOS and that are magically revealed when installing this app. Warning you about the dangers of meddling with things you don’t understand seems redundant but let me emphasize that, if you move or change something in one of those folders without actually knowing what are you doing, you might actually end breaking something. Thus, such folders (and the device’s registry, also available) are only reserved for the initiated.

There’s one final thing to say about iTools 2012 that might sound odd but it’s actually true: this application only works when iTunes is installed on the system. It’s not a joke but a common sense thing, since this app uses the same libraries as Apple’s player for working and transferring. Still, what we looked was an alternative to manage Apple devices and though we still have to install iTunes, we’ll only have to look at it while it’s being installed and forget about it afterwards.


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