iTools is a useful tool for managing the files on your mobile device made by Apple, be it iPhone or iPad.

This time you will be able to change file format for music or video files, modify the start screen, create your own ringtone, and check how much free space you have.

Try downloading iTools now and experience the best alternative to iTunes

Video transcription

iTools is the ideal alternative app for all those who want to connect an Apple device to their PC.

It should also be noted that syncing is super fast and easy

With this useful app you will be able to see how much free space you have on your phone

Or change the look of your Desktop.

You will be able to automatically convert any type of multimedia file to Mp3, Mp4 or whichever format you like so you can use it anytime.

iTools allows you to record everything that happens on the screen of your iPhone or iPad

… and to create your own Ringtone too!

Try iTools now and get rid of the connection problema between your computer and Apple device


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