Clear or delete Facebook data

It’s next to impossible to wipe your Facebook information without having to go to the trouble of deactivating or deleting your account, or at least that’s what we had thought.

You see there is a better, and much faster way to rid your Timeline of old data without having to do any of the above, and what’s more is that it doesn’t involve manually crawling content for hours on end.

If you hadn’t heard thousands of reasons why Mozilla Firefox is an amazing browser before this point, the first thing you’re going to do is trust us after we tell you of one of them. You see, the application lets you install numerous great add-ons, some of which can run scripts within it to make it better.

An add-on we recommend you get familiar with is called Greasemonkey and it can run a brilliant and secure script called Absterge by Alen Stojanov . Absterge works to help you clear you Facebook data in minutes. This means that you can essentially wipe your account in part or in full and start anew.

By simply installing both Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefox and Absterge, the script is designed to work only on and thus recognizes when you’re both on the site and logged in. By clicking into your Activity Log you can control which content is trashed.

The script works like a charm. In a matter of minutes, your Facebook data is deleted from the beginning of time. When it is ready to work, you will see the highlighted Absterge on the top right of your account. By pressing this you begin to erase things from your account at optimum speed. On the left-hand side of your Activity Log you can select the different sections you wish to be erased, for example Your Posts, Posts You’ve Hidden, and even your Likes, and Comments.

There are a few things to be wary of before you begin using Absterge however. The first is to make sure you back-up and make copies of any data that you might want before doing anything. This is because you might accidentally delete something without meaning to because Absterge works so fast. On this point, you should also make sure to select just the section you want to erase before starting the process again to avoid losing information. Another thing to note is that at first it may not seem to work, you may need to turn Greasemonkey or Absterge on and off again, or refresh the page.

You can download Mozilla Firefox via this link, and Absterge for Greasemonkey via this link.


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