I have to confess that I have never played Magic: The Gathering, the insanely popular trading card game. Though I love strategy games and I certainly have a hand in card games, this particular franchise has never caught me. I knew, however, that I’d eventually play it one way or the other, though I never imagined I’d do it for work. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because I came to Magic: The  Gathering – Tactics completely blank and with zero knowledge about the adventures ahead.

That means that I didn’t have a clue about the game or its mechanics whatsoever, so it took me a while until I learned the basics. But then, something happened. As I was learning to build coherent and balanced spellbook and I was wondering about colors, items, creatures and what not, I started to discover the huge possibilities hiding beneath the surface. The rules, the monsters, the world and the numerous factor that come into play are sincerely vast and this variety instantly hooked me.

Of course, it’s hard to explain how I became a new fan of the game and though I’m no veteran at all I’ll try to describe why this is a game any thinking gamer definitely has to try. But first, a little about the basics.

What’s Magic: The  Gathering – Tactics?

Basically, MTGT is an online turn-based strategy game inspired in the trading card game series. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, then you should know that its gameplay is deeply related to cards and the spellbooks in which they are collected. The cards represent creatures, spells and items with which your character will attack the enemies as well as defend itself.

You’ll control a Planeswalker, which is a fancy name for a wizard capable of travelling through different planes of existence. With it, you’ll have to explore a beautiful 3D world which is home of all kinds of creatures and monsters and which hides numerous quests and adventures. To do so, you’ll be given a fixed amount of movements available in each turn, which will you’ll have to use to attack, walk or flee.

The idea is for you to develop your character in all kinds of ways by leveling it up and by trading and buying new cards to add to your collection. Thus, you’ll become more powerful and tougher to beat. And this, basically, is what makes the game so interesting, since there are so many directions and strategies in which you can develop your Planeswalker.

Why it’s so addictive?

Well, without getting into the psychological implications, this game is addictive because it smartly combines a handful of factors. The first and most important one is the huge amount of possibilities there are to explore. This might not seem evident at first (especially when you find that you can only pick your character out of 5 different types of Planeswalkers) but that’s because of the second factor: its timing.

Magic: The  Gathering – Tactics is so vast that it takes a couple of hours to discover all of its basics and understand how they work. This slow pace is key to hook players, since they would surely be overwhelmed if all of the game’s possibilities were displayed at once in the first minutes of gameplay. There are tons of things to explore and a massive amount of items and powers to combine and test and that’s an essential motivator to keep on going and fighting.

Additionally (and as with the table game), the community that has grown around it conforms a passionate trading market in which cards are sold, purchased and exchanged. There are many cards out there and some are pretty specific and powerful. Thus, the mechanics of supply and demand and the costs associated to them are a game in themselves. Besides, knowing what to buy, when to buy it and whom to buy it from is also a strategic decision you’ll have to face more than once in the game

Finally, there’s the greatest motivator of them all: you can play Magic: The  Gathering – Tactics for free. Since downloading and playing the game is free, nothing can stop you from trying it out. It will only take a few moments of your life and there’s a great chance you’ll feel charmed by its strategic nature. So, even if you’re not convinced by all the things I’ve said above, you should download Magic: The  Gathering – Tactics and discover a thriving world with spectacular gameplay that has been awaiting you in the same way it awaited for me.


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