We’ve already discussed various ways in which you can emulate Android on PC and we’ve seen several programs which with you can test Google’s mobile OS in its entirety. Nevertheless, and in case you’re interested in the subject, there are even more alternatives we haven’t explored yet. And one of the most interesting ones (simply because we hadn’t seen an option like this before) is called Manymo, an online platform that provides you with the ability to try Android apps on the comfort of your own browser.

Thus, you’ll only need a good Internet connection (definitely good actually, since if you don’t you won’t be able to enjoy a proper performance) and the APK files of any application you want to test. Where do you get such files? The Internet is filled with alternatives to download them, but first you should try to explore our very own section devoted to Android apps, where you’ll surely find the tools and games you want to try. Finally, you’ll also have to register on the site, a simple, speedy and free process.

After you’re done registering and getting the APK files, it’ll be time to try them. Thus, you’ll have to access to Manymo’s site, log in and go straight to the Launch emulators section (located in the upper part of the platform). After getting there, you’ll be offered to choose the device type and the resolution in which you want to run the application. This is an amazing possibility, since you’ll be able to test the app or game in different conditions and see how it performs under that circumstances.

However, in that window you’ll have to look for the option labeled Launch with (located in the upper right part of the screen. There you’ll have to click on the App button, which will redirect you to a new page where you’ll have to locate the APK file you want to run on the emulator by using the Browse button. After picking it out, then it’ll be time to hit Continue and wait for the emulator to finish loading the app. After this step is done, it’ll be time to choose the device type and the resolutions I’ve mentioned above. Now you’ll be ready to try the apps, although there are some things you’ll have to keep in mind before using this platform.

First of all, remember we’re talking about an online Android emulator which of course is run within a web browser. Why do I stop in this? Because this means that you’ll need two things to enjoy the experience as it’s meant to be: a fast Internet connection and a powerful PC capable of dealing with emulated processes. This is especially true if you’re planning on using Manymo to try Android games, since they can really suck your system’s resources dry.

Additionally, you have to know that the free account you’ve created to use Manymo has a very important restriction: it only lets you use up to 10 apps a month. In case that’s seems like too little for you, then you should know that you have the possibility to pay for one of the two premium plans offered by the service. The first one is called Pro and it’ll let you use up to 1000 apps a month and up to 3 apps simultaneously; the second plan is called Ultimate and it’ll let you run up to 10 thousand apps (with 12 apps running simultaneously). Of course, the prices aren’t a bargain: $49 and $199 respectively.

In short, you can use to free account to check if Manymo is the platform you’re looking for to test Android apps on the PC. It’s obvious that its developers are targeting the service to app developers that want a quick and reliable solution to test their own projects. In fact, I suggest you that you put your hands on some Android emulator like Bluestacks and Android for PC if you’re just an occasional enthusiast. In that way, you can use this online platform every now and then and when strictly necessary.


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