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Nokia have suprised and confused consumers worldwide by announcing their new range of Android phones Nokia X. Even though Nokia previously ran the Windows operating system it has now turned to Android and is offering these stylish new gadgets for as little as $120…

Nokia is the chief proponent of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system a direct rival of Android. Microsoft recently purchased and are currently in the process of finalizing a deal that saw the software giant acquire Nokia’s hardware business.

Although Nokia possesses business ties with Microsoft it appears to be questioning the relevance and power of it’s Windows Phone operating system. Window’s Phones currently only have 4% of the world’s market share with Android boasting a whopping 77%.

Bearing this in mind it is easy to see why Nokia decided to jump on the Android bandwagon and create their own range of smart phones for the operating system.  The Nokia X still promotes its business buddies first however, all Google services that are normally the default options of Android phones are instead replaced with Nokia and Microsoft services, Gmail replaced by Outlook etc.

Aesthetically the Nokia X looks more akin to a Windows Phone than an Android one. It seems that rather than attempt to defeat its enemy Nokia has decided to become them. Will it work? Only time will tell…




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