After experiencing the brilliant latest version of Office, Microsoft had a score to settle with Android users. While it is true that the response was not immediate, it was worth the wait: Office Mobile is the mobile version of this widely used office tool.

This app includes Word 2013, Powerpoint 2013, Outlook 2013, etc., all together in the same package, all ready to be used.

An extra convenience is the addition of SkyDrive to work from the cloud and edit any document from anywhere.

Download Office Mobile for Office 365 from Microsoft and start editing your files instantly.

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Microsoft gets back in the ring with Office Mobile.

This is nothing more than an Android version of the widely used office suite.

You will be able to edit Word documents, create Excel files, create Powerpoint presentations, or perform any other tasks that you normally use the desktop version of Office for.

Sharing and uploading files created with this program is a simple task thanks to integration with SkyDrive. Though you can also work offline, this is a great advantage compared to similar applications.

Keep in mind that you must have an Office 365 account to be able to use these tools.

Download Office Mobile now and start to work on your personal files right away.


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