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October 2012

Outlook 2013

Within the new Office suite package, Outlook 2013 is included, which allows you to manage all your emails. In this new version you’ll find a basic design which blends in with the “Metro” theme that will be complemented by the arrival of Windows 8.

You can organize events, check calendars and receive notifications of all your social networking accounts.

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The new Outlook 2013 has an attractive look and “Metro” design elements.

There is an extreme ease in executing all types of actions such as: add an email account, sync with other devices, etc.

An excellent new tool is the search filter, so you can find messages with one or more words in particular.

Similar to Gmail, Outlook 2013 sample is an ongoing dialogue where you can exchange emails you have with any recipient.

Finally, you can also connect your Facebook, Linkedin and other networks to receive notifications about them.

Test Outlook 2013 and relive the operation of one of the most commonly used mail clients.

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