Are you one of the many that is currently exploring, racing, climbing or shooting in a pixelated world? Retro style PC games are all the rage at the moment as people relive their early Nintendo and Commodore 64 memories through new an inventive games that retain the same charm and intrigue that made you fall in love with gaming in the first place.



Introducing Richard Conway, private detective, a gadget aficionado and a dab hand at breaking and entering! Gunpoint’s protagonist needs to solve a collection of stealth challenges in order to save the day. He does this by bypassing security personnel to collect clues. Armed with an array of gadgets this is a classic platform game that requires a bit of thought!




A strange and confused place is the world of Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz. This is a retro platform game that allows you to wander through your dreams. The aim of the game is to wake up, to become wide eyed however you need to wander through a series of different dreams. Like real dreams the dreams in Zzzz- Zzzz-Zzzz are strange, unpredictable and sometimes nonsensical and terrifying. There are levels where the visuals are alternating and shaky akin to dreams where you feel like you are dancing between two different places at the one time. This is a unique game for the adventurous. It also has an open plan story so there are countless hours of gameplay to enjoy


FTL: Faster Than Light


Video games have always enjoyed a special live affair with outer space. Space Invaders was one of the first ever video games to gain worldwide fame and now we have the wonderful PC space adventure Faster Than Light. Although it is light years more advanced than Space Invaders it is possesses the same charm as the basic shooter game. The aim in Faster Than Light is to manage the crew of your spaceship, and ward off attacks from space pirates and, of course, aliens. You can explore the wonders of the galaxy with your spaceship buying new weapons and recruiting new crew members along the way!


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