It is almost World Cup time folks and to celebrate what’s sure to be an intensely contested competition in the colorful surrounds of Brazil we’ve decided to take a look at some of the best World Cup 2014 games and apps available to compliment the football fever!

FIFA World Cup 2014


Do you know who missed a vital penalty against Argentina in France 98? Who are the top scorers of the World Cup tournament? And who are the young exciting players to watch in Brazil 2014? Then you need an app, or an extremely knowledgeable friend, to tell you all about the world’s greatest soccer tournament. The FIFA World Cup 2014 Android app offers the best way to enjoy all the ins and outs of this year’s competition.

If you want to impress your friends with London Donavan’s scoring record or the amount of penalties that England have missed in World Cup tournaments then download FIFA World Cup 2014 app for Android now. Everyone loves a know-it-all!



Technically FIFA is not a World Cup application, but it is the official app of the tournament’s organisers. The FIFA Android app provides stats and information from a huge rains of country and club tournaments from around the world. Simply put this is the perfect application for the soccer nerd! Where the FIFA World Cup apps focuses on all the juicy details for this competition, this app provides with more world wide soccer information than you could ever imagine!

For those placing bets on teams or goal scorers for the tournament then FIFA provides you with an excellent resource. You can check out a team’s statistics, goal scoring details and decide what teams may earn you a pretty sum!

Crown Caps Soccer


Sometimes watching soccer just isn’t enough! If you are desperately longing for all the thrill and excitement that your favorite players are experiencing as they score goals and win games then you should take the time to download Crown Caps Soccer. This is simply pointer based soccer game that allows you to play virtual soccer games against your friends or the app itself.

What it lacks in graphics and gameplay options it makes up for in enjoyment! Crown Caps Soccer is the perfect half time game and you can start your own footie competition with all your football mad mates and share all your results on Twitter or Facebook. A great way to get a tiny slice of World Cup competitiveness and excitement!

 Cocktail Flow


So you have all your player and team information and your half-time entertainment now its time to let your hair truly down and start partying like you are rocking a feather boa on the streets of Sao Paolo! Cocktail Flow is the ultimate cocktail recipe app. Scroll through and decide which cocktail suits the match you are watching. Perhaps a Long Island Ice Tea for when the Americans take to the pitch? Or maybe a Black Russian when the Putin-ruled land score a goal?

Cocktail Flow allows you to save all the ingredients that you need to make your exotic drinks so it is easy and convenient to create a shopping list. In true celebration of all the wonderfully, bright, outrageous and colorful nature of Brazil, cocktails seem like the perfect accompaniment to this year’s competition!


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