Have you ever felt lonely praying alone? Perhaps you take great comfort in prayer but would prefer the company of like-minded individuals to join your prayer and help it touch more people all around the world? Pray may be just the perfect way to make your prayer social without having to head to a place of worship….

Pray is a uniquely social, inspirational and spiritual app for your Android phone or tablet. It allows you to send your prayers out into the universe, follow the prayers of others and add resolutions for you and others to pray for.

Have you ever watched the horrors of a natural disaster unfold on your television screen and felt completely helpless and distraught for the poor souls that have been affected? Perhaps it is in your nature to light a candle in a church for these people or kneel down by your bed and join your hands and pray? Pray presents those with faith with a positive and communal way to express their wishes for others. A 21st century way to feel more connected with a higher power.

This is a social network for those who pray. To get started simply set up a profile and add your prayer sentiments to the list. You can categorize your entries by using hashtags like Twitter.

If you have a particular thing or person you want to pray for you can add these to your list of resolutions within Pray. This section allows you to set reminders to pray for different things at certain times. Another fun element that this Pray has is a Progress in Prayer feature that shows you how many prayers you have been saying for people, who has been praying for you and gives you a score to indicate your progress. This adds a social element that is not present when you sit down to pray alone at night.

Admittedly there may be those that think that Pray trivializes prayer and a person’s faith, but it is hard to knock an app that promotes such positivity and feel-good thoughts!

Download Pray for free at Eazel!


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