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February 2013

Recommended: Pou for Pc

Pou is a game where you feed, care for and play with your own virtual pet, similar to Tamagotchi. Unlike Tamagotchi however, in this game youcan earn credit that you can use to change your Pou´s appearance: color, outfit, etc.

Enjoy this simple game for Android, now on your PC!

Video Transcription

Pou could be considered the Western companion of the Tamagotchi

You must feed your fun y colorful virtual pet

Careful not to go over the daily limit

Pou should rest as long as necessary to keep its energy levels up

Without anyone bothering it

Although these are not obligations in Pou´s universe

There are super fun games to try and earn credits with

With these credits you will be able to change your Pou´s traits

And share its status on Facebook or another social network

Though it is a game for Android phones, you can also play Pou from the comfort of your PC.

This video will show you how step-by-step

Download Pou for PC now and have fun with the new Tamagotchi

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