There are so many messaging apps on both the IOS and Android markets, and we all know the main ones; Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike Messenger, Kik Messenger, and Telegram. They let us message our friends and family, and all the people we need to in an instant free over the Internet.

Although we must admit that these great apps provide a necessary service for our communication needs nowadays, one messaging app released to market has caught our attention all of a sudden because of one unique feature it has over the others. Namely rumr it lets you add people to a conversation as you would in any of the apps above, but send out texts among your friends, or whoever you’ve grouped together anonymously.

Cool huh? Well, this is something which really made us think… Hang on that’s a great concept! How come it hasn’t been done before? …Or has it?

Well we do know that some other apps exist that impose some sort of interaction between users anonymously. For example is a service which lets you ask others questions under alias. Launched nearly four years ago, the application received a lot of negative publicity when some users started to abuse and troll the system leading to numerous reports of cyberbullying and teen suicide.

So would such an app as rumr draw in that same controversial activity by its users? Well, when you think about it, there is less likely to be problems because the chats that happen are between friends. In reality, it just makes it fun. What’s even better is that everyone in the conversation gets their own unique colour and their text will appear in it everytime they contribute, but whoever has started the chat can click to rotate the colours so it can actually be pretty hard to figure out who is saying what. I guess the only way to know is by knowing your friends really well.

Check out this video for more of an idea:


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