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Samsung have just launched the Galaxy S5 Android phone, this new device includes sensors that read fingerprints and monitor heart rates.

The S5 is the successor to the extremely popular Galaxy S4 and promises to be more powerful than its predecessor. The S5 boasts a slightly larger screen at 5.1 inch and a better camera, 16-megapixels, than the S4.

The S5 contains a heart-rate monitor sensor that is located underneath the camera lens. It works by measuring the pulse rate of the finger. The monitor is included in order to work in conjunction with the S-Health suite of apps that include a pedometer, heart-rate monitor and other fitness apps.

Samsung have also introduces more features that make the S5 more resistant. These include a flap over its rechargeable USB port to protect the phone from water damage and a thin rubber lining inside the back of the phone’s casing to protect the battery and internal electronics from moisture.


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