Wattpad, launched collaboratively in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yeun, is a community where people find and contribute to a large database of over 20 million electronic books and stories.

The greatest benefit to any author as it were is a good publishing body with effective promotion and that provides excellent feedback about what interested readers the most about a work and what had not.

Wattpad can be used as a self-publishing platform. In other words, writers can upload all of their work or excerpts of it in order to gain recognition, followers, an audience, and die-hard fans. This collectively builds an audience for the author should he or she decide to send completed works out to the world, and almost guarantees success. With the ability to see what readers online like the most and what they’ve said about what an author has written, the writer gets granted with honest and helpful feedback which can oft make their work more defined and better written.

The app, which can be used on mobile really works because it can be taken anywhere an author goes, readily available to use wherever they so gain an itch of inspiration for whatever they’re writing. To top this, other users can keep it in their pockets, eagerly awaiting to digest an authors next edition.

An internet-infamous success story concerns the famed author Dianne Greenlay who instantly received messages from users on Wattpad after she first began publishing her novel in 2012. Gaining more and more of a following Dianne was urged to continuously upload more chapters to her story by fans who had just discovered her.

Soon enough Dianne was exclusively beckoned to become a featured author on the community which entitled her to sought after free marketing to help her get her work out there. Asked to write a 1000 word piece to draw readers in, and then to release the full book or story by an agreed date and hold it on the platform for six months, her work was recommended on Wattpad‘s official blog.

What this does for an author is really incredible; as their writing reaches the realms of the digital it is effectively seen by many more people than if only published in hard-copy. What’s more is that authors become successful faster than the traditional publishing methods.

Besides being a great app for readers and writers, Wattpad is a company we aspire to as of their great sense of humour! Check out their featured ‘#FanDammed’ video below, a parody of Van Damme’s Volvo Trucks viral video – >


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