Exactly what happened with Office 2013 and other products, Microsoft continues to launch applications that accompany the appearance of  Windows 8. In this case, it´s the same as with Skype, which recently made its sixth appearance and will bring to us all the power of communication we need to our OS. Evidently, the guys at Redmond are working hard to bring all the pieces together with all the support we need.

Unlike previous versions, this time there are no revolutionary changes made, but some new features such as chat, VoIP and video calls that are the most complete in the market

New Skype 6 features

As you all know, Skype for Windows 8 is the brand new Skype client for the Metro OS, and with this app you can send SMS, make voice calls or video calls etc. Not only can you connect all your Facebook contacts, but you can also connect your IM friends on Messenger. Thus, you have your Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook.com all in one place. The best part is that you don´t have to create another Skype account, merging all your accounts are very easy, you just need to sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account.

With the integration of all your accounts, you can definitely be more social. Something worth mentioning is that it´s important to point out that the synchronization must also show in Windows 8´s People Hub, which will inform us of any friend activity.

Furthermore, this program added 6 new languages to the list, reaching a total of 38 languages. On the other hand, the developers have tweaked the UI to give the app a simpler and less cluttered look. Therefore, they decided to remove the online user counter that was situated below your contact list, as seen in previous versions.

Somehow, in older versions it´s kind of frustrating when you want to use an old profile picture and need to flip through files on your hard drive. Luckily that no longer exists, as this program now stores your history online, so that you can access your information with no hassles at all. Also, users have can opt-in to the program´s telemetry and report any issues or improvements they can make. This will help the developers with future versions and to fix any bugs etc.

If everything mentioned above isn´t enough, Microsoft has promised its users that soon there will be a feature available that allows us to make audio and video calls from Skype to Windows Live Messenger users. There is no specific date for this, but the company is working hard to make this option available ASAP.

Everyone will appreciate the fact that the team at Redmond have made it possible for us to be more social with family and friends, to always stay connected with the world out there, whether you use this program for business purposes or just to chat with your peeps at home. We must remember that Windows 8 is also thinking so that we can share things with contacts in a simple and independent way from this service. Thus, Skype 6 is a step ahead and very successful in its development by its mother company.


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