When you think about calling a friend halfway across the globe, what do you use? For the last ten years, more than 280 million people have chosen to connect to one another using the cloud-coloured application Skype. The software gives you a means of talking to loved ones, and a way to see them, to have face-to-face conversations in real-time wherever they are.

As we have moved away from one another. Planes have taken us to far off places, lives have consequently been disjointed by seas and land, making it harder to stay in touch and keep strong ties with family and friends. As roads, rail, air routes and sea lanes become trafficked by cars, trains, planes and boats, so too does invisible infrastructure become intensified by bodies interacting with each other on the network. We link together through technological devices supported by an almost invisible architecture known as the net. Skype has built itself upon that framework and has become an extension of ourselves. With our every interaction, Skype has outstretched its arms to become a bubbling biotechnology embracing the world, and interconnecting its many wonderful cultures.

To celebrate Skype’s 10th anniversary we’re looking at the ways it has flourished: counting down the years with our top ten Skype videos.

10. Robbie Williams talks to one of thousands of exuberant fans to give away tickets for his 2013 tour

9. Beyoncé congratulates DJ JIMEK on his winning remix of ‘End Of Time’ posted on SoundCloud

8. Rick Osterloh tells the world about how Skype has grown over the past decade

7. Jimmy Kimmel has the boys of One Direction playing a Skype Scavenger Hunt for fans

6. Ellen hosts an emotional Skype session between a soldier and his family separated by war

5. A class in Austin meets with another in Nairobi over Skype

4. Jeremy Gilley tells us of his organisation Peace One Day and its synergy with Skype

3. 8,848 metres above sea level, Daniel Hughes takes Skype video-calling to Everest

2. A hilarious compilation of laughter over Skype (you may have already seen and giggled at this one)

1. Mark Malkoff marks the official birthday of Skype by talking to people from 162 countries

Happy Anniversary Skype!


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