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Snapchat has become an insanely popular photo messenger application, its developers have resisted a very attractive buy out offer from Facebook and it continues to be a fun and unique method of communication for smartphone users worldwide. Now Snapchat has decided to broaden its horizons considerably by adding an instant messenger and video message feature, is it a welcome change? We took a look to see….

Design Upheaval

The whole layout of the Snapchat app has been completely transformed. Instead of the basic and slightly awkward design that we have gotten used to Snapchat now has a lot more features and looks more polished. The text size has been reduced and the usual symbols have been altered to look slick and refined.  Snapchat now looks and feels like a more complete app.

New messenger service


Snapchat now has an instant messenger service. You can chat away to your friends without sending a picture, similar to the likes of WhatsApp and Kik. The one major difference with Snapchat’s text messenger is that the texts disappear once you have read them, this characteristic that makes Snapchat unique. Strangely you can not start a text conversation with fellow Snappers by choosing them from your contact list. Instead the masterminds behind the messenger have decided to only allow you to chat to people in your Inbox. So conversations can only be started when you have sent them a snap or received a snap from them. This is a little limiting but you can create an interesting combo conversation of text and snaps.


Video Chat


The addition of video chat to Snapchat is exciting but unfortunately its is not a straight forward as it should be. Once you launch the new updated app it does not immediately present you with the instructions on how to start chatting via video, it takes a bit of playing around to figure out how to use this. You need to start having a chat or picture conversation with someone who is also online in the Snapchat application. The circle snap button will turn blue and to start watching and recording you need to hold down the button .  Tap the symbol on the screen to play around with the camera direction and to switch it while filming. These videos are contained in the conversation and disappear once you exit the application.


Filters Filters Filters!

Instagram lovers will be delighted to learn that Snapchat has added photo filters. This means you can stylize and guzzy up your snaps in an instant. All you have to do is enable filters and swipe to your right and pick which one suits best. There aren’t a whole lot of options available for you to browse through but the blue tint, black and white and dusk filters that are present do look great!



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