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Trevor Franklin Michael

We are rendered speechless by all of the things made possible in GTA: V. Although you may have seen some of them already, we’ve compiled a list to give a good hats off to all of the artists, screenwriters and programmers at Rockstar who have brought this amazing world to life.

Scale the sides of skyscrapers

That’s right you can rappel down the side of buildings and shoot at vigilantes!

Michael De Santa Rappelling

Go for a long-lasting dip in the ocean

Yep! Being an anti-hero does get tiring… well that we can just throw on a scuba-kit and go diving makes it all better! Explore under the seas off the coast of Los Santos, but beware of the sharks, it would only be an awful way to die!

GTA V Scuba

Spot a different breed of creatures

There are lots of different species other than humans in GTA V. From chickens to cougars, cows, hawks, rats, coyotes and monkeys! Players can also buy dogs and hunt deer! Since past issues there has also been some talk of a Bigfoot sighting in GTA, it seems that this time it’s actually true! Look out for aliens in ‘Freaks and Strangers’ too!

Chop GTA V

Show proper sportsmanship

You can actually spend your time playing tennis, golf, and even the stock-market! You can also buy all types of real-estate and profit from it!

GTA V tennis

Drive, ride and fly around a map the size of Manhattan’s

New improved mechanisms for getting around was much needed in this GTA! The map takes a total of 8 minutes to fly over!

Ride jet-skis

GTA V jet-ski

Or motorbikes

GTA V Motorcycle

Drive supercars

GTA V car

Fly planes

GTA V plane

Dive submarines

GTA V submarine

Ride dirt-quads

GTA V buggy

Fly helicopters

GTA V helicopter

Or fighter-jets

GTA V fighter-jet

Rampage on the streets and in stores

Rob stores and get away with the loot

GTA V robbery

Plot missions

Devise strategies for big heists.

GTA V plot missions

And do all the day-to-day things

Like watching TV while smoking…

GTA V tv

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