We all remember Dong Nguyen right? The guy who brought us the all-famous Flappy Bird, and pretty much inspired every carbon-copy that came after its incarnation? Well guess what? He’s back with his latest, and it’s even tougher than Flappy Bird!

Swing Copters

Swing Copters is the sky-rocketing new challenge from Dong Nguyen in which the mission is not to fly forwards, but upwards, through the middle of great green beams and swinging hammers. Why is it seemingly harder you say? Well because you not only have to direct the little guy through the beams and pull him away from harm, but you even have to kickstart it all off to begin with. In Flappy Bird the character we flew was already flying forwards, where as now in Swing Copters, you have to make sure the character doesn’t just go flying into the wall before you gain any height.

As in Flappy Bird, the game is essentially a platformer, except this time around it’s a vertical one. The difficulty is the same as before whereby the little guy can be quite difficult to control and ultimately dies repeatedly because it’s so hard to get him to fly straight up. You will spend a lot of your time playing this cursing the fact that the game is unbelievably hard-won.

Of course when all goes your way and you’re better able to fly the little guy high in the air you can laugh at everyone else scorning you for doing well in this exceedingly tough test! The higher you get the higher your score and you can share it with whomever you choose. Hopefully it doesn’t get as competitive as Dong Nguyen‘s last one though as the Internet went crazy after that one! I suppose with this in mind we can expect that there will be uploads of people playing the game on Youtube in thousands in the next few days laughing about how frustrating Swing Copters is and crying when they get top scores!

Check out the video below for a quick glimpse at what the game is about:


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