The Android market is flooded with popular and capable messenger apps WhatsApp, LINE, Tango, Viber etc, but there are a selection of messenger apps that are rising in popularity among the younger generation of texters. These are messenger apps that offer attractive features that make their product exciting, unique and entertaining.




Kik is the first Android messenger with a built-in browser. You can share anything from the web without having to leave the Kik app.

Want to share a track with your friends that you can only find on SoundCloud? Simply input SoundCloud into Kik’s search bar and it will open the music program’s mobile app and you can find whatever you need and pass it on! Kik boasts more than 120 million users and is aimed at users in their late teens. You need to be aged 17 or older to download Kik. One element that makes Kik different, it is a free messenger app that doesn’t require a phone number to use. Users can make up usernames, so you don’t even need a cell phone to use Kik. Younger messenger users are attracted to Kik for a variety of reasons; it doesn’t have a character limit, its design is clean, bright and attractive.




Hike is an Indian messenger app that allows you to share text messages, photos, video, send short voice messaging and engage in group chats. Hike is particularly popular with young people, of its 15 million plus users 80 per cent of them are under the age of 25.

Hike contains an offline feature which lets users send chat messages to non-Hike users, these messages arrive via SMS. This also means that Hike users can send messages to their fellow Hike friends even when they are offline. If you suffer from a dodgy internet connection or like to chat while traveling the extensive offline features that Hike offer will be of particular use to you, you will never have to worry about your conversation being halted by a bad internet connection.

As well as providing all the features of the most popular messengers i.e. efficient Includes stickers allows you to share your location.




If privacy is your main priority then Telegram is the app for you. Telegram provides all the great functions of popular texting apps such as location features, attachment options and status customization.

But where Telegram trumps all competition is in relation to security.
It includes a built-in feature called “Secret Chat”. This offers end-to-end encryption for messages sent on Telegram. This means that no traces of your messages will be stored on the company’s servers.

The developers of Telegram are so confident about the open sourced MTProto protocol that they use to protect messages that they have offered $200,000 to anyone who can crack it!

Telegram also allows its user to send messages that automatically self-destruct on whatever devices they are sent to or from. You can customize the length of time that you want messages to be available for, this ranges from two seconds to a week!


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