First off, you must know what Tinder is by this stage. If you don’t I’m not so sure where you’ve been. Maybe you’ve been taking long walks on the beach in your besotted relationship to care about being single and the prospect of dating to notice that doing so online has become sort of the thing that’s done? Or maybe you’re happily single. Either way it doesn’t matter.

Too Busy Enjoying Life

Tinder, for those benighted is a dating app for mobile. Recently brought to market for Android after booming on iOS, the application has blown other forms of online dating out of the water by far. But why?

The application has two important methods of dating delivery that differentiates it from others like Badoo for example. For one, you’re less likely to meet what’s known as a “catfish” and two, you’re less likely to be messaged by lots of creeps.

The Lonely Island The Creep

How though is what you ask? If it’s online dating, you’re bound to raise a few eyebrows? For the most part your suspicions are put to rest by that which makes it better than other ways of meeting new people online. As mentioned above are two very important things Tinder has over others alike it; that is Facebook and ‘traffic lights.’

More specifically, to use the application you must sign-in through your account on Facebook. This immediately lessens the likelihood of connecting with phony people. Of course there are fake profiles everywhere online, including on the social-networking giant, but the majority of us are able to quickly spot the difference between a dodgy account and what is real.

Secondly, what I refer to as ‘traffic lights’ are the ‘stop and go’ buttons you are given the right to press upon seeing someones profile. In other words, you can hit the red X for a no, or the green love-heart to give a yes.

The significance of this, however shallow it may seem, does have a positive function however. Simply put, no one on Tinder can connect with you by chat or otherwise until you and said individual have both given the go ahead. This means that people aren’t abusing the service as much as other ones, because they can’t simply contact whoever they fancy. The other person must approve of the person, or ‘like’ them before any connection is made and before any messaging begins. Another thing is that whoever you have said yes to cannot see that you have until they say yes to you.

This stands for a newer sense of the interaction between people engaged in romantic pursuit and using online mechanisms to do it. For one, we can compare it to that which happens upon meeting someone in a bar per say without the vital ingredient of being face to face however. As you suddenly catch that someones eye, the signals and sparks fly; where you hit the green button, you set alight a fire that can either blaze or go a little drier (#poet)!


Whether you meet them in person, or meet them online, the way the relationship goes from that point on is up to you and a little left to fate.

As with anything technological, we can analyse Tinder by what it allows us to do, and by its socialization. Having mentioned what it is technically built for, which is to say no longer only about connecting with people out of courtship but out of friendship too, we can then rectify that the technology is used in a lot of different ways concurrent to the broad spectrum of people using it.

Simply speaking, things one should watch out for while using Tinder are the same things that are cautioned in reality. Your parents taught you never to talk to strangers but you did it anyway, and had to, or forever you would have lived alone. The same thing is said when you decide to go somewhere with that someone you met at that thing that one time and don’t know very well but said yes because your intuition told you they seemed like a nice person.

On Tinder you are given the power to put yourself out there, throwing a little stigmatized fear to the wind and jumping into an indefinitely scary and surreal new sphere. But what comes as word of mouth with regards to what’s bad about online dating is practically myth until tried and tested. You will come across people who only want to jump into bed with you, as you would out in open air, as will you meet really nice people who are actually doing the same thing as you are, curiously scoping out a new way to open up to new people in search of romance, intimacy, companionship, and love.

After that long-winded but never-the-less important discussion, I bid you watch this epic and hilarious parody “Tinder: The Movie” by the Youtube guys Bad Weather Films, it’s Great with a capital G!

Watch Tinder: The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

(Hints of The Social Network by David Fincher anyone..?)


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