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The time has finally come! FIFA 14 has hit the shelves and it has an impressive range of new features and has tweaked some of the old favourites. So before you challenge your friends to a tournament of epic proportions check out some tips we have gathered about FIFA 14 that’ll bamboozle, frustrate and definitely irritate anyone who dares to challenge you on the football pitch!


Effective Attacking


Corners and crosses

The chaps over at EA Games have been very vocal about the fact that this year’s release will see a huge increase in the strength of its players. For this reason crosses into the box and corners will be vital opportunities for getting the ball in the back of the net. In order to manipulate corners in FIFA14 you need to aim for your centre half forward. With your players new found strength the possibilities of bursting through a group of defenders or giving the ball a powerful header are increased. Improve your chances even more by sticking a tall man up front, the likes of Robin Van Persie would be an ideal striker to aim your corners towards.


Scoring from play

FIFA 14 has introduced Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics features that makes the shooting of the ball more realistic. This allows you to dip, curve, rise and even misfire the ball should you choose to do so. The hardest thing to get used to in most soccer video games is how to control how hard you are hitting the ball, well FIFA14 is no different. FIFA provides you with a power bar so you can get the hang of your strength before belting the ball miles wide. Tap the shoot button and the ball will merely roll towards the goal, hold it down too long and it could end up outside the stadium, you need to find the perfect balance. I wish I could tell you the secret trick to mastering this but it really is just about practice.


Good passing

Passing the ball with FIFA 14 is tougher than it has been in any of the other incarnations of the game! A revamp of the game’s Teammate Intelligence feature means that defenders are more astute, observant and are better at swarming players with the ball. The same power metre applies for passes so easy does it! Pin point the exact player you’d like to send the ball to and pass accordingly. Good passing is generally the easiest way to win a game and sloppy passing  is the easiest way to lose it so be careful



Tactical Defending



Call your team mates

If you are the type of gamer that frequently resorts to mashing a load of buttons in a state of panic when it’s your turn to defend then listen up! Good defending on the real pitch is a result of patience and observance, the same goes for on FIFA 14’s playing field. One of the most effect ways to defend in FIFA 14 is to use the second man press. By calling for your team mate’s help you can put added pressure on the player with the ball and your computer controlled defender is able to perform more direct and precise tackles than you! Leave glory at the door, soccer is a team sport, call your team mate for help!



Now it is very easy to panic when you are face with a lightning fast Messi ripping through your defence but calm down and for Christ’s sake don’t start hammering your controller/keyboard! FIFA 14 allows you the option of ‘jockeying’, this little nifty manoeuvre can see you win back possession quickly and without fouling. Jockeying makes your player do a quick side step that gives you more control of your defender and also allows you to change direction with speed.


Slide tackling

Slide tackles can be deadly, but when conducted properly they can be the perfect way to regain possession. An effective slide tackle is all about timing. If your player is already running the momentum behind him will carry him further than that of a stationary player that suddenly decides to tackle. Get as close as you possibly can before slide tackling, make sure you’ve enough momentum to hit the ball far enough away from the opposing player so that he can’t regain control of the ball and hurdle you. The most effective time to use slide tackles is when your defender is facing the player with the ball head on.


 Another little FIFA 14 gem…

If things never seem to be going your way on the day perhaps you need to take a look at the game’s settings. For example you can alter the amount of help the game gives you. Changing the level of assistance allows you to dictate the amount of help that the game gives you on passes, shots and crosses.

And if you are a ProEvo fan and not sure about making the switch to FIFA check out our detailed comparison video.



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