It’s that time of year again, leaves are starting to fall, evenings are beginning to darken and students are making their way back to college. Whether it is you first year on campus or you’re a seasoned veteran I’ve compiled a list of some handy apps to make your life as a (semi) grown up a little easier….


1. WhatsApp

Unfortunately most college students are broke all of the time! Soon you will discover how matching socks and proper dinners are rare luxuries! So to help you gather and save a few more precious pennies WhatsApp is a glorious invention that allows you to text your friends for free. Simply download the app and you can text any of your contacts with WhatsApp to their phones for nada! All you require is an internet connection and you can chat away for hours and add some lovely emoticons to convey your happiness



2. Candy Crush Saga

Lectures can be fascinating, invigorating and enlightening but they can sometimes be very, very boring. So what’s the harmi in passing a few minutes in a mind numbingly boring class by playing an excellent and fun game like Candy Crush Saga! It’s a puzzle game that challenges you to eliminate candy pieces by lining up three or more of the same type, think Tetris. Warning this game is dangerously addictive and may result in the loss of friends so remember to stop playing when people are trying to engage you in conversation!



3. Evernote

Now students you are meant to be in college for a reason and in order to obtain that elusive degree you are going to have to work a little! Evernote is an app that can help you to juggle your different assignments, your society activities and of course your many social engagements! With this app you can create to-do lists, record voice memos and even email notes to your Evernote account. You’ll never have an excuse for forgetting that group assignment meeting again!



4. Shazam

So you’ve seen an interesting character strolling around campus, she/he is terribly aloof, wears a beret and listens very loudly to some strange sounding music on some oversized headphones. This is possibly the coolest person in the entire college and you are breaking your back trying to find ways to impress him/her. Worry no further as I present to you Shazam! If you’re not much of a music lover but are dying to come across as a diehard hipster then this music recognition app will help you fake it with style. All you need to do is to hear a track playing, hold up your phone, turn on Shazam and it will tell you the name of the song and the artist. Now you’re cool, knowledgeable and hip in an instant!



4. Snapchat

It’s the end of the week and your grocery money has been spent on last night’s epic party, you look at your cupboard and decide that a combination of whatever is left without mould is going to make up the ingredients of your dinner. This is no time for a sexy, classy Instagram, you want to show your friends your versatility when it comes to feeding yourself but let’s face it, this meal is far too depressing to be immortalized! Enter Snapchat the incredibly fun app that allows you to send timed pictures to your friends. A little heads up though, it is possible to take screen shots of the pictures you send over Snapchat so make sure they don’t incriminate you and aren’t too eh… revealing!


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