From CJ to Claude, Vercetti to De Santa Grand Theft Auto has supplied us with some of the most foul mouthed, sadistic and hilarious leading men of all time, but who takes the top spot as the craziest and most charming of them all? Check out the video and enjoy a detailed look at these psychopathic gangsters

Michael De Santa – GTA V


One of the three protagonists in GTA V Michael De Santa is a former bank robber that returns to a life of crime after losing his fortune.

Michael De Santa had it all, he made a sweetheart deal with the FBI and was free to retire to his mansion in Los Santos, turn his back on a life of crime and enjoy his wealth with his wife and kids. Unfortunately this idyllic existence had an expiry date and De Santa is soon forced to return to crime to reclaim his money and feed his huge ego.

Michael De Santa has already experienced the fruits of a successful criminal career but now in his 40s he must start from scratch again. He is a man with all to play for and nothing to lose…

Claude – GTA 3


Grand Theft Auto 3’s Claude is the ultimate strong, silent type. A silent protagonist with a sadistic mentality and an unsettling presence Claude is GTA’s most mysterious lead.

Claude begins his journey in Liberty City in 2001, following a botched bank job Claude is shot and left for dead by his ex-girlfriend Catalina. The Liberty City cops arrest Claude and he is sentenced to ten years in prison but he escapes while being transferred to prison.

He soon befriends a fellow convict and begins working for various crime bosses around the corrupt and violent metropolis.

The most interesting feature about Claude is his silence. His lack of a voice allows players to imprint their own thoughts and personalities onto the mysterious protagonist, therefore becoming truly immersed into the GTA world.


Carl Johnson – San Andreas


Carl Johnson is the main character in Grand Theft Auto’s San Andreas. He is the first African-American lead in the GTA series and he is the epitome of 90s ghetto gangster.

CJ is one of GTA’s most extreme lead characters, he is a bit of a loud mouth with a colourful use of language. He is the second-in-command of the Los Santos based street gang Grove Street Families.

San Andreas begins with Carl Johnson deciding to return to Los Santos after a five year absence when he learns that his mother was killed in a drive by shooting. Upon his arrival home he is thrown right into the centre of gang warfare once more, aged 24 CJ starts working through the crime ranks, completing missions to gain power and influence.

The most notable thing about San Andreas’ CJ is his remorse, previous GTA protagonists have possessed no regret for killing friends and associates but Johnson is different. Throughout the game he even allows his victims chances to redeem themselves.


Trevor Philips – GTA V


Nobody does psychotically deranged quite like Grand Theft Auto and nobody signifies psychotically deranged quite like GTA V’s Trevor Philips.

One of the game’s three protagonists the Canadian Trevor Philips is definitely one of the most insane! Rumors are abound in GTA V that Philips has engaged in cannibalism necrophilia and incest, although the character neither confirms or denies these allegations it is evident from his demeanor that they are likely to be true.

Philips lives in squalor in a trailer park and is a former military pilot, before he was kicked out for failing a psychological evaluation. Quite unsurprising considering his tendency for violent outbursts and deviant sex acts.

Unusually for a GTA protagonist Philips is anti-misogynistic, he is very protective of women and frequently runs to the defence of slighted women.


Tommy Vercetti – Vice City


So who is the greatest Grand Theft Auto gangster of them all? It has to be the sadistic, hilarious and coolly nonchalant Tommy Vercetti of Vice City.

Voiced by the movie gangster royalty, Ray Liotta, who played the lead in Scorsese’s Italian gangster classic Goodfellas. Tommy Vercetti epitomizes all of what makes Grand Theft Auto so madly brilliant.

Vercetti is an ex-con who upon his release from prison agrees to do a job for his friend in good faith but ends up being ambushed. Throughout the missions for Vice City Vercetti rises through the criminal ranks of the metropolis while trying to figure out who was behind the ambush.

Tommy Vercetti’s character was based on the iconic gangster drug lord Tony Montana of 1983′s Scarface. From the flashy setting Miami-like setting of Vice City to the mansion based final gunfight!

Tommy Vercetti boasts an impressive gangster pedigree but that’s not the only reason that he is our top GTA protagonist. Although Vercetti is suitably equipped with a psychotic temper, shows an unusually soft side especially in relation to Earnest Kelly who he treats like his own son.

Unlike Claude who is strong in his muteness or CJ with his colourful insults and lively quips Tommy Vercetti is old school mobster, he says what he needs to say to get the things done.


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