Ever wanted to be the mayor of a big city that has a low crime rate or emits almost zero percent of toxic gasses into the air? Then you can now enjoy the new SimCity that has been revamped from its predecessors SimCity 4 and SimCity 5.

The design is completely different from the others, as the developers, Maxis, are using the latest technology called the Glassbox engine. That means that all information is carried out in an accurate and very realistic way. By sending data out called agents, these units represent physical values such as electricity, coal, water supply, police, fire brigade and many more to mention. Also, these agents move along the pathways created by you and provide services to houses and industrial buildings.

On the other hand, natural disasters or storms form part of your daily lives in this exciting strategy game. Don`t think that creating the highest sky-scrapers will increase your points, as they are sometimes only worth looking at, but not very practical and can be destroyed in seconds by meteorites. Also, you`ll probably think what you`ve done wrong when you`re being attacked by UFOs.

Keep in mind that abandoned houses are most likely to catch fire before an occupied house or building. You must plan your streets well and always think of strategic zones to where to construct the closest fire station and how many garages or trucks are adequate.

When creating an industrial park, you must know that air can be polluted and also the water system, and your fellow Sims can get illnesses. So, logically you must build hospitals that are big enough according to the amount of citizens there are.  Another great feature in this title is the Data Visualization Layers system, which shows you what happens below your streets and soil. This is very handy to see where to find coal deposits and extract water from etc.

Then, you can trade items on the global market with other users from across the globe. So, the prices will drop or go up as people buy and sell, the same statistics you`ll find in any newspaper or on the TV. Moreover, you`ll receive notifications on how your friends are doing, and advice on planning to increase your score and rise above the rest.

Awards are given out every now and then with random challenges they place online. You can unlock fresh items for building the biggest city in a specific time, or get a prize for having a “green” city.

If all the above mentioned isn`t enough, you can work together with a friend in co-operative mode to take on huge challenges such as sending up space shuttles into the galaxy as well as building enormous airports with all its functions etc.

SimCity 2013 will give you the authority and power to compete with other cities around the world. You`ll quickly learn how to keep your citizens satisfied and equip them with a secure environment which everyone can enjoy. This title can be played by any member of the family and is very entertaining. Thus, you can immerse yourself for hours and get addicted very easily.

The official launch will be in February 2013!


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