So GTA V has become the fastest selling video game of all time and virtually anyone that has got their hands on the game has admitted it is pretty special but with no sign of it getting a PC release any time soon we have to make do with Rockstar’s previous releases like the amazing Vice City. We’ve decided to introduce all Vice City fans to a list of handy hints and cheats to help keep players of the game entertained before the (hopefully) inevitable release of GTA V on PC.




There are all kinds of useful, strange and deranged Vice City cheats floating about the place so let us first take a look at the ones that help make the missions a little easier.


Need some cash?

Once you’ve completed the Malibu mission The Job you can rob El Banco Corrupto Grande for some easy cash.  Simply walk in and turn right up the stairs, enter the manager’s office and get the first lump of cash then head to the room on the right with the elevator and get the rest of the cash there. At this stage you’ll have four wanted stars so get moving! There is a Pay N’Spray around the corner where you can shake the police.


Get your hands on some bullet proof wheels

If you want a bullet-proof, fire-proof, collision-proof vehicle you need to get your hands on the lovely white Admiral. In order to do this you need to fail the Guardian Angels mission from Colonel Cortez. In this mission Diaz is driving the Admiral, you need to mess up the mission and then the Admiral’s car will be made available to you. So drive it back to your garage and lock this little treasure away for good!


Shake the police

If you want to annihilate the boys in blue but you don’t want to be wanted then use your helicopter wisely! Once you boost a helicopter you can kill cops with the chopper’s main blade attacking them at an angle. This has maximum effect and allows to accrue less “wanted points”.


And a little bit of daftness


Ok so Grand Theft Auto is daft in general but its developers have also included a few more gems of insanity within the game that we are going to teach you how to unlock!

Using your keyboard type in these cheats to avail of these wonderful extras, cheat codes are in CAPS!

-          CERTAINDEATH : Tommy smokes cigarette

-          DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS : Player becomes fat

-          PROGRAMMER : Player becomes skinny.

-          COMEFLYWITHME : Cars can fly

-          ICANTAKEITANYMORE : Player kills self

-          FANNYMAGNET : Female actors follow player


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