Vine has exploded since it was first released early this year. For those of you who don’t know exactly what it is, Vine is an Android application that lets users record six seconds of looping video and then post it on their Twitter page. It is especially useful because users don’t have to use any site other than Twitter to post their videos. But what about those of us who don’t have Twitter accounts and are adamant about never getting one?

Fortunately, there are now several websites independent of Twitter that let users post and view Vine videos. I’m just going to focus on the five most popular ones which let those who don’t even use Vine to watch Vine videos.

Vine Peek

Also known as Vpeeker, this is the most basic of the sites, as it is a simple webpage that shows a string of Vine videos one at a time. A description or comment is provided along with the Twitter handle of the person who posted it. It’s a good site for those Friday nights when it’s far too cold to go outside. It gives you the illusion of having contact with the outside world without all the clutter of sites like Buzzfeed or the millions of meme sites that have exploded all over the place.

All Around the Vines

This is very similar to Vine Peek in that it shows just one Vine video at a time, but the video fills the browser window. The tweet that the Vine is part of is displayed above the video so you can follow the person who tweeted it if you so desire. It isn’t much of an improvement upon Vine Peek, but at least you can fill your screen with a feed of recently posted Vine videos and watch people post up things they think are possibly interesting.

Just Vined

Still going on the same idea as the previous two sites, Just Vined shows twenty recently uploaded, or “just Vined” videos at a time. This in turn uses much more CPU than other sites, but it makes for a cool effect. You can click on individual videos to watch them in a pop-up screen that shows them much bigger.


Now, this particular site tries to be a bit more innovative than the others by incorporating a world map into the picture. It sounds pretty cool, but unfortunately all the Vine videos play automatically and you can’t click on a particular spot in the world to watch something from there. It’s still an interesting idea, and perhaps the developers will change it so you actually can choose where the videos you watch are coming from.

Vine Roulette

The final contestant on this list of the best sites for watching Vine videos is also the only one on the list that has a search bar. You can actually choose what kind of video you want to watch! What a revelation! Under the search bar there are also several color-coded icons with popular tags on them. This is another way to narrow down your Vine content and a much better alternative to having to sit through puppies falling on top of each other and other nonsense before getting to a real gem of a video. However, Vine Roulette does not allow for the viewing of more than one video at a time.

Well, there you have it! Five different sites to check out if you are truly curious to find out what all this Vine fuss is about. The best part: you don’t need a Twitter or Vine account! Check them out when you need a distraction from the dull reality that is living in this world, or when your inner child says so.


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