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Vine is an app that came to market just over a year ago and was instantly snatched up by Twitter in their conquest to go head to head with competitor Facebook who then bought out Instagram in response.

But we all know which app is better when it comes to filming. It’s Vine and for the very reason that which makes it quite possibly the best platform for comedic reworkings: the 6-second rule.

Yes, the app lets you film and edit pre-existing video footage but you’re limited to 6 seconds. However, the funny thing is the emphasis this puts on one thing, really hitting some quintessential message home. It also plays over so you experience the usually ‘what just happened’ moment again for another round of giggling.

What this has thus allowed is a turnover of talent to emerge in comedy as it were. The internet is a strange and hilarious place already, but Vine has almost increased this exponentially.

Here’s a few to get you hunting for more hilarity! Enjoy!

“When The Beat Drops While You’re On The Elliptical”

“Stop poking me”

“The scariest feeling in the world”

“How to wake up your dog”

“Do you wanna build a snowman”


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